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A little bit about me!

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

I became really interested in mental health just after I had my son, like many first time mums I became obsessed with reading all the baby books I could lay my hands on. I was totally fascinated about human development and thrilled to be having a front-row seat! I decided to go to university to study psychology as I wanted more! As a mature student and a single parent at university, it wasn't all night drinking sessions for me, but I was really happy to be doing what I loved. I still haven't lost my passion and fascination for understanding more about what makes us human and every day I learn something new. I went on to do a Masters degree and then my post graduate diploma in CBT and a therapist was born.

Sarah Jarvis CBT Private CBT Therapy
Graduation day 2007!

Something I hear a lot from people I talk to in my day to day life, is that they complain that qualifications aren't as important as life experience. I totally agree with this sentiment, for me the qualifications were the key to unlock the career I so desperately wanted for myself but life happens too! Nobody wants to open up to someone who has no experience of how hard life can be. I do wonder if people like that actually exist though, everyone has it hard from time to time, even if they do manage to look like they have everything figured out! The thing I love most about my work is being trusted with the things that people feel unable to share with anyone else. I feel privileged to walk with people through their toughest times and see them come out the other side. I can tell you that everybody hurts some times, just like the song goes! Sometimes we can find our own way through the difficult times but sometimes we need a little help.

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