Areas of Expertise

I have a Psychology degree from the University of Hertfordshire, a Master’s degree in Forensic Psychology and most recently a Post Graduate Diploma in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.


I have worked in a prison setting, in an acute mental health unit as well as a psychiatric intensive care unit all within the NHS. Most recently I have worked with Specialist CAMHS and also a Specialist Eating Disorders Service for over 8 years.


I offer Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for any mental health problem as well as MANTRA for Anorexia Nervosa. I am also a mindfulness practitioner with a keen interest in third wave therapies.  I have decided to put all my experience and expertise into my own private practice with the hope of providing good quality CBT without the long NHS waiting list.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

CBT was originally developed as a treatment for clinical depression. It proved to be highly effective treatment for the condition, more effective than medication in the long term. CBT quickly grew in popularity and has been reformulated to treat a number of other mental health problems. CBT is especially effective at treating anxiety disorders, including generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety, phobias, panic disorder, health anxiety, PTSD and obsessive compulsive disorder. In fact CBT can be tailored to help with any life problem.

Enhanced Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT-E)

I have over 8 years of experience with the NHS working within a specialized eating disorders service. I regularly use CBT-E with my eating disordered clients and find it highly effective at getting to the core of the eating difficulties. CBT-E is the only NICE recommended treatment for bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder and is also highly effective at treating anorexia nervosa.


I am trained in the Maudsley Model of Anorexia Nervosa Treatment for Adults ( or MANTRA). Mantra is a new and unique treatment option for those suffering with anorexia. You will receive a workbook which has been developed from a wide range of therapeutic approaches and has been tailored to meet the specific difficulties of the disorder. You will meet weekly either in person or via Skype and work through the workbook at your own pace.


Mindfulness is becoming increasingly popular and with good reason! Through regular practice you can re-wire your brain and dramatically reduce stress, anxiety and physical pain. I am a mindfulness practitioner and can incorporate mindfulness into therapy. Alternatively I am able to offer Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy as a stand alone formal therapy.

My Approach

I empower individuals to overcome their mental health problems by using empathy, compassion and a collaborative style. I aim to inspire and motivate my clients to take chances and to push outside of their comfort zones a little more each session. I provide a source of accountability on the path towards reaching their personal goals for therapy. Every individual is unique and I aim to tailor the right solution to the problem for the best results. I am outcome driven and will work with my clients towards clear, mutually clarified goals to get the best result as quickly as possible.

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