CBT & Mindfulness

BSc (Hons), MSc, PGdip

I am a BABCP accredited CBT therapist working within the Hertfordshire & Essex area. Read more about who I am and what I offer by clicking on the links above. If you have any questions or would like to discuss therapy contact me by whatever means you feel most comfortable.

Harlow Resource Centre

Leisurezone Harlow

Second Avenue


CM20 3DT

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What I can help you with

  • Depression, low mood, stress, anger
  • Anxiety, worry, phobias, social anxiety
  • Eating disorders, overeating, weight concerns
  • OCD, trichotillomania, hoarding 
  • Body image difficulties
  • Relationship difficulties, grief, loss
  • Trauma, PTSD, abuse
If there is something else troubling you that does not appear on this list, contact and me and I may still be able to help you

Taking the decision to enter into therapy is a daunting prospect and my aim is to help you to feel at ease at every stage of the process. I do this by working with you, at your pace and towards your goals, whatever they may be. I am able to work with adults, children and their families.

The initial consultation will be a chance for you to tell me about what is troubling you, we will work towards developing an understanding of what may have caused the problem and how it is impacting you. This initial appointment may last up to 90 minutes after which I will be able to let you know how many therapy sessions you will need. CBT is an effective short-term treatment and a course of therapy can vary from between 6 sessions upwards. For more serious problems, you may need up to 20 sessions. Each session usually lasts between 45 and 60 minutes.

Therapy can take place at my clinic in Harlow or for those who are a little further away can take place over Skype. Therapy works best if you are able to commit to regular weekly sessions. I am able to offer discounted rates if you book a number of sessions in advance.


Contact Me

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Contact me to arrange a free, no obligation telephone consultation. The telephone consultation should ideally take place at a time when there are no distractions for you and you are able to talk freely. You can let me know when this will be and I will call you at the prearranged time. If you call and you get my answer phone message, please don't be disheartened I may be with another client, feel free to leave me a voicemail letting me know when a good time to talk would be. It shouldn't take longer than 20 minutes and by the end we can decide together whether you would like a face to face appointment.